Most Successful Alternative Cancer Treatments

The key to treating cancer is to focus on the cancer as a symptom and to treat the person as a whole. A holistic approach for treatment may be your best option, especially with the rising costs of traditional cancer treatments. AltCare is the resource you need when you – or a loved one – needs help to make decisions about cancer treatment and care.

We are committed to bringing you the latest information on cancer treatments and cancer research that can help you to create a plan for coping with this disease. Part of the plan involves exploring alternative cancer treatments.

What Are My Alternative Cancer Treatment Options?

When working with a physician, you’ll quickly learn about the options of traditional medicine that are available; however, there are more choices available to you when it comes to cancer treatment.

Consider these natural options to discuss with a trusted professional:

Herbal Medicine: As an additional option to traditional cancer treatments, herbal medicine has the power to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation while reducing the side effects of these treatments.

Metabolic Treatment: Also dubbed as nutritional therapy, the goal of metabolic treatment is to remove the accumulation of toxins in your body that derive from industrial pollution, pesticides, preservatives and food additives.

Biological Treatment: Using immunotherapy, biological treatment works to enhance the immune system with biological response modifiers to ultimately increase your body’s natural defense mechanisms in order to combat cancer.

Hyperthermia: When used in combination with other therapies, research has shown that hyperthermia can significantly reduce the size of a cancerous tumor.

In addition to natural alternatives to cancer treatment, integrative cancer treatments are also important to consider.

  • Metronomic Therapy: This type of alternative cancer treatment involves using low doses of chemotherapeutic drugs that are administered frequently to inhibit tumor growth.
  • Insulin Potentiation Therapy: This type of therapy involves using a combination of low-dose chemotherapy and insulin to attack cancer cells.
  • Anti-Angiogenic Therapy: Using anti-angiogenic agents, this type of therapy identifies potential targets and evaluates molecular mechanisms.

A combination of exercise, massage, meditation, music therapy, relaxation techniques and aromatherapy have also been deemed helpful alternative cancer treatments when combined with natural or integrative cancer treatments.

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