About Us

About Us

2Cancer evolved based on the need for current and innovative information about cancer care. While the Internet offers plenty of information about common illnesses, the need for credible research, treatment options and financial solutions for cancer patients was lacking. Upon inception, our team hoped to create a one-stop resource for cancer patients and their families to learn more about innovative options for cancer treatment as well as strategies to finance cancer treatment.

Scott Page, creator of 2Cancer, and the CEO and Spokesperson for Life Guide Partners, has dedicated his career to providing cancer patients with options to fight the disease with grace. He found that elderly cancer patients often struggle with the financial aspect of the disease, especially as healthcare costs continue to increase. Many cancer patients don’t realize that they have additional options, and in more cases than most realize, are forced to liquidate their assets and even file for bankruptcy in order to pay for care.

Page set out to change this pattern. He is the author of It’s Never Too Late and a respected expert on retirement, financial and end-of-life issues facing seniors and baby boomers. With 2Cancer, he provides those suffering from cancer with the information they need to make informed decisions about treatments and procedures. The comprehensive portal features not only the latest information about cancer research, but also a list of clinics offering care.

Page’s work with Life Guide has also provided cancer patients – and their families – with financial resources. LifeGuidePartners.com, the sister site to 2Cancer, is one of the only life insurance appraisal firms in the U.S. that is focused on forward thinking and premium customer service. As an advocate for those suffering from cancer, Page has made it his mission to teach the elderly – and their families – to plan for a worry-free retirement with or without cancer.

2Cancer is an extension of Page’s work in relation to the details that today’s cancer patients need to know. From information about cancer protocols, natural or scientific procedures and treatments to creative ways to fund care when coping with cancer. You can find the inspiration you need to live life to its fullest with 2Cancer.

Whether you’ve just been diagnosed with cancer or have been suffering from the disease for years, know that with comprehensive cancer information at your fingertips, you are provided with the power of knowledge. 2Cancer is your one-stop source for cancer resources. Check back often for updated and innovative developments.

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